The Conference

The importance of holding the Second Laboratory Medicine Conference

We have previously talked about the importance of conferences in general and about the importance of specialized and scientific conferences in particular. This was during our discussion of the importance of conferences in the presentation speech which was published in the promotional file of the first conference. This presentation speech was republished in the guidebook of the conference. We take the opportunity here to re-refer to the importance of conferences as specified and briefed in the following points:

Conferences, whether they are (scientific – medical – legal – development – political – economic …. etc.) are one of the most important achievements of humanity. They provide an opportunity for specialized people to meet for the purpose of discussing a specific topic. This leads to a convergence of opinions, experiences and expertise, which leads to a technical knowledge which benefit various specialized groups and societies in general. This makes them able to confront the upcoming and future challenges, with the various variations and circumstances.

It is worth mentioning that, for the success of the conference, the country must achieve the main goal of the conference and its sub-goals.

To achieve the main goal of the conference, we have to confirm our connection and continuity to the first conference and setting the sub-goals and the main themes of the conference. These will be connected and interrelated with the objectives and themes of the first conference. It will also aim at defining the tool and policy that the Organizational Committee will adhere to in order to achieve success and distinction as declared by the slogan of the  conference (hand in hand, we promote laboratory medicine).

This conference is part of the plan of the Ministry of Public Health and Population and part of the plan of the National Center of Central Medical Public Laboratories. It is also central to the national vision, which is also part of the center’s plan for 2021 A D and this gives the conference another additional significance.


For the importance of political (governmental) and media support, we take the opportunity to extend our thanks and appreciation to His excellency Dr. Abdel Aziz Saleh Bin Habtoor, Chairman of the Council of Ministers, and His Excellency Dr. Taha Ahmed for sponsoring the first conference. Thanks and appreciate are extended to them also for their willingness to sponsor this conference. Thanks and appreciation to the senior men of the state, politicians and ministers who supported the conference by attending and participation, on top of them is a member of the Supreme Political Council, Mr. Ahmad Al-Rahwi.

Thanks are also extended to Dr. Abdul-ilah Hussein Al-Harazi, General Director of the National Center, for the constant and strong support he showed during the first conference and what he is showing also during this second conference.

We also extend our thanks and appreciation to the specialized institutions, companies and laboratories that supported the first conference. Thanks go to all who worked and supported the success of the first conference. Many thanks go to all who are working and giving support to make success to this conference. Thanks to the organizational and scientific committees and other preparation committees of this conference.

Therefore, with trust on God, we proceed with our steps to hold the second conference of laboratory medicine.

All the success,

Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Wazeer

Chairman of the Conference Main Organizing Committee

Conference topics

  • The importance of total quality in medical laboratories.
  • Education and scientific research in laboratory medicine.
  • Epidemiology in Yemen.
  • COVID 19
  • The ethics of the laboratory medicine profession in Yemen.
  • Blood transfusion services in the Republic of Yemen.
  • Raising awareness of the dangers of antimicrobial resistance in Yemen.

Conference Goals

  • Upgrading the level of laboratory medicine academically and professionally.
  • Raising the level of overall quality in medical laboratories, to reach Arabic and international accreditation.
  • Improving the quality of blood transfusion services.
  • Highlighting health care and health insurance.
  • Defining the importance of the role of health media and education in educating the community about the profession of laboratory medicine.
  • Raising awareness about the risks faced by workers in the laboratory medicine sector.

Participants in the Conference:

  • Specialists in laboratory medicine from different regions of Yemen.
  • International participation of specialists in the field of laboratory medicine.
  • All competent and relevant medical personnel.
  • Medical academic staff in universities, institutes and colleges of medicine.
  • Staff of governmental and private hospitals.
  • Personalities from international and local organizations.
  • Medical companies and institutions.
  • Related companies and commercial establishments.

Holding Place of the Conference

Recreational Club ( Sport Entertainment Club)
Police Faculty Street- Sana’a
Tel: 01 433201

Events involved in the Conference

  • Specialized workshops.
  • Specialized medical seminars.
  • The medical exhibition, which includes:
  • Telecom sector.
  • Institutions with activities related to medical services (tailors – software companies … etc.)

Why to participate in the Conference?

  • Obtaining a wide range of opinions and ideas on critical issues related to the field of medical laboratories and pathology.
  • Transferring current issues and developments through the latest specialized researches.
  • Exhibiting the latest medical and laboratory diagnostic equipment and other services.
  • Developing effective diagnostic techniques through knowledge exchange.
  • Best platform for developing new partnerships and collaboration between sponsors and attendees.
  • Best opportunity to meet with specialists in the field of laboratory medicine and medical companies.
  • A large percentage of the participants in the conference are the people of authority and power to update and develop medical laboratories.
  • The opportunity for participants to visit the sponsors’ exhibition stands.
  • Activating the electronic and social network for exchanging knowledge and ideas and making specialized technical offers.
  • Obtaining a certificate of attendance and participation approved by the Academic Accreditation Board.