The Conference

Welcome Message

Dear colleagues,

Specialized scientific conferences are considered one of the most beneficial  aspects innovated by  the human civilization, as the meeting of competent people  in various fields leads to the combination  of new ideas and visions and consequently leading  to a knowledge and technical product that benefit societies; and through which , it can face current and future challenges.

There is no doubt that organizing a successful conference is not easy; it requires a lot of efforts, knowledge and experience.

Therefore, we would like to thank all those who helped, contributed and extended a helping hand to hold this conference and work to make it successful.

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Conference overview

Under the auspices of HE Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor, Prime Minister and Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakil, Minister of Public Health and Population, the First Laboratory Medicine Conference (Reality and Ambition) will be held.

During the period from 11-13 January , 2020 in Sana’a – Yemen Entertainment Club (former Police Officers Club)

Conference Components

  • Development stages of laboratory medicine in Yemen.

  • The role of the syndicate in laboratory medicine.

  • Total quality in laboratory medicine.

  • Factors affecting the quality of the results of laboratory tests.

  • Recent discoveries and techniques used to detect genetic, infectious and chronic diseases.

Conference participants

  • Laboratory specialists from Yemen.

  • International participation of specialists in the field of laboratory medicine.

  • All competent medical personnel.

  • Medical academic staff in universities, institutes and medical colleges.

  • Staff of governmental and private hospitals.

  • Figures from international organizations.

Advantages of the first conference of laboratory medicine

  • A Conference with an international nature that crosses the borders and siege, in which the papers are presented through direct attendance and online by specialists in laboratory medicine locally and internationally, with direct interaction with attendees.

  • Transfer and document conference activities through various media and social networking programs.

Events accompanying the conference

  • Specialized workshop.
  • Medical Exhibition which includes:

WHY to attend this conference?

  • Obtain a wide range of views and ideas on some critical issues in the field of medical laboratory and pathology.

  • Transfer current issues and developments through the latest specialized research.

  • View the latest medical devices and laboratory diagnostic and other services

  • Develop effective diagnostic techniques and knowledge sharing.

  • Best platform for developing new partnership and collaboration between sponsors and attendees.

  • Best opportunity to meet specialists in the field of laboratory medicine and specialized medical companies.

  • A large percentage of participants in the conference are the owners of the decision to buy and develop their laboratories.

  • The opportunity of the participants to visit the sponsors’ platforms throughout the conference.

  • Activate the electronic communication network to exchange knowledge and ideas and provide specialized technical presentations.