The Conference

Why do we hold the Third Laboratory Medicine Conference?

I believe that it is well known to everyone the importance of conferences in the lives of peoples, states, organizations and societies in general and the importance of specialized and scientific conferences in particular. As we also know, organizing such conferences is one of the means and tools used by those wishing to bring about direct and indirect change in their reality and present research and specialized studies. Moreover, such conferences help them discover and discuss areas of success and failure in their experience, research problems and solutions to obstacles to development, exchanging experiences between those participants in direct attendance or through virtual communication via satellite or pre-recorded means of communication.

Since our strategic goal is to “upgrade laboratory medicine services” at all levels in the public and private sectors and at the national level as a whole, we satisfactorily look at the achievements that have been achieved through the support and guidance of the Ministry of Public Health and Population to its sectors and specialized centers represented by the National Center for Central Public Health laboratories, which is one of the indicators of those success and distinction gained through the first and second conferences on laboratory medicines. From here and in continuation of those successes, we found out that it is necessary to continue to move towards achieving the goal of upgrading laboratory medicine services and ensuring the quality of services provided.

To emphasize our orientations, we briefly highlight here the importance of the third conference as follows:

  • Conferences in general are one of the most important achievements of humanity because they provide an opportunity for specialists to gather for the purpose of discussing topics of common interest, regardless of whether they are Those conferences (scientific – specialized medical – legal – development – political – economic …. etc.)
  • The conference is an opportunity for the convergence of opinions, experiences and expertise, which leads to a knowledge and technical product that benefits various individuals, official, professional, commercial, educational institutions and other specialized societies and human societies in general.
  • The conference is an opportunity to enable specialized medical institutions to learn about the latest experiences and technologies that enable them to meet their upcoming and future challenges in their various diversities and circumstances.
  • We affirm that, for the success of the conference, it must achieve the main objective of the conference and its specific objectives.
  • The purpose of organizing this conference – is to emphasize our continuity in our association with the first and second conferences, as is clear through the specific objectives and events of this conference, which will be communicative and interconnected with the goals and themes of this conference with the previous two conferences, leading to defining the policy that the organizing committee will adhere to achieve success and distinction. Proceeding from the committee’s slogan (Hand in Hand, We Promote Laboratory Medicine) and the distinguished slogan of this conference, which is (Quality is the title of the future).
  • This conference is part of the plan of the National Center for Central Public Health Laboratories for the year 2021, through which we seek to achieve the objectives of the Ministry of Public Health and Population and a plan for the national vision, and this gives additional importance to the conference.
  • The political (governmental) and media support is extremely important to the success of this conference. Therefore, we call upon and hope that Dr. Abdel Aziz Saleh bin Habtoor, the Prime Minister, and His Excellency, Dr. Taha Ahmed Al-Mutawakil, the Minister of Public Health and Population to kindly sponsor this conference as we had been honored by their sponsoring the two previous conferences.

Finally, we extend our thanks and appreciation to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Public Health and Population for their generous approval to sponsor this conference of ours, as they were credited with sponsoring the first and the second conferences.

After relying on God, we proceed with confident steps to hold the Third Conference on Laboratory Medicine.

Best wishes

Dr. Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Wazir

Chairman of the Conference Basic Organizing Committee

Conference Goals

  • Raising the level of laboratory medicine academically, professionally and technically.

  • Raising the level of total quality in medical laboratories to reach Arab and international reliability.

  • Introducing the importance of societal awareness of the importance of laboratory medicine and the importance of the role of media and health education in educating the community about the laboratory medicine profession.
  • Spreading awareness about the vital risks and safety in the laboratory medicine sector.
  • Consolidating and raising the level of relationship and coordination between laboratory medicine and other medical and health professions, leading to integration in diagnosis and treatment.
  • Building complementary and harmonious relations between the various medical sectors, research centers, universities, specialized institutes and relevant authorities.
  • Shedding light on the importance of the association’s role in taking care of the laboratory medicine profession and its affiliates.
  • Awareness of society and the medical and pharmaceutical circles of the dangers of excessive and indiscriminate use of antibiotics.

Participants in the Conference:

  • Specialists in laboratory medicine from different regions of Yemen.
  • International participation of specialists in the field of laboratory medicine.
  • All competent and relevant medical personnel.
  • Medical academic staff in universities, institutes and colleges of medicine.
  • Staff of governmental and private hospitals.
  • Personalities from international and local organizations.
  • Companies of medical and institutions.
  • Companies and related commercial establishments.

Conference themes

  • Applied clinical laboratories
  • Laboratories total quality management system
  • Epidemiology based on laboratory
  • New technology in clinical laboratories
  • Anti- microbial resistance (One health for all)

  • Relationship of laboratory medicine with other medical and health sectors.
  • Importance of community awareness on laboratory medicine profession

Conference venue

Recreational Club ( Sport Entertainment Club)
Police Faculty Street- Sana’a
Tel: 01 433201

Events involved in the Conference

  • Specialized workshops.
  • Specialized medical seminars.
  • The medical exhibition, which includes:
  • Telecom sector.
  • Institutions with activities related to medical services (tailors – software companies … etc.)

Why are you participating in the conference?

  • Gain a wide range of perspectives and ideas on some critical issues in the field of clinical laboratory and pathology..
  • Transferring current issues and developments through the latest specialized researches.
  • Displaying the latest medical and laboratory diagnostic equipment and other services.
  • Developing effective diagnostic techniques through knowledge exchange.
  • Best platform for developing new partnerships and collaboration between sponsors and attendees.
  • Best opportunity to meet with specialists in the field of laboratory medicine and medical companies.
  • A large percentage of the participants in the conference are the people of authority and power to update and develop medical laboratories.
  • The opportunity for participants to visit the sponsors’ exhibition stands.
  • Activating the electronic and social network for exchanging knowledge and ideas and making specialized technical offers.
  • Obtaining a certificate of attendance and participation approved by the Academic Accreditation Board.

Features of the 3rd Conference on Laboratory Medicine and the accompanying workshops:

  • Holding specialized workshops.

  • Holding a specialized medical exhibition in which companies from different countries of the world participate during the conference period.

  • For the third time, this is a local – international conference for laboratory medicine that challenges the siege and transcends borders.

  • Delivering papers by specialized doctors, scientists, professors, and researchers, in person and directly via the Internet, using the most modern technologies, and direct interaction with international lecturers from outside and inside Yemen through the international network of communication and through direct dialogue.

  • Direct transmission of the conference’s events and events by broadcasting through various social media programs and media coverage through newspapers, television and radio.

Direct interaction system: